Dad rocks slogan T-shirt

Dad feels ten years younger in Super Dry slogan T-shirt

A dad has reported feeling more youthful and “up for it” simply by wearing a SuperDry slogan T-shirt.

Mike Gerund (45) from Berwick upon Tweed said the top moved him to dig out his Sony Walkman and repurchase his leather bomber jacket from Oxfam, where it had languished for the past decade.

Gerund said he ditched his previous predilection for swathing himself head to toe in Gap because he found their range to be too conservative for his newly edgy tastes.

“When I accessorise this T shirt with my Ray Bans and an old pair of high tops, I feel invincible”, he said chewing on a toothpick and repeatedly strumming a G chord on his new Fender Stratocaster, “I urge all men to try it, the erections are to die for”.

SuperDry has issued an apology for unleashing a legion of newly hopeful middle aged men on a society that had been largely happy to write them off.

“We were going for the student market and we completely fucked up,” explained a spokesman, “we’re really sorry.”

In other news, sales of ball-crushingly expensive road bikes, lycra and craft ales have hit record highs.

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