UK strikes trade deal with Narnia

Brexiteers jubilant over deal to export sleighs to Narnia in return for importing animal ornaments and Turkish Delight

Brexiteers are jubilant after striking a trade deal with Narnia, claiming it to be proof that Brexit is not the eye-watering clusterfuck it so very clearly is.

The UK will turn a blind eye to Queen Jadis’s animal welfare and human rights record and export sleighs to the despotic regime. In return, the UK will import stone garden ornaments and Turkish Delight.

“This is an historic moment and proves that the UK can once again be a great trading nation on its own”, said chief simpleton, Liam Fox, dribbling in his lap while playing pat-a-cake in a sand-pit with arch dimwit David Davis, who added: “Ner ner ner ner ner”, before soiling his knickerbockers.

A spokesthing for the Jadis regime welcomed the arrangement, saying it wanted to be “among the first to shaft Britain in its newly weakened and friendless state”.

This is the third such deal struck by the Brexiteers. Last week a sperm for oversized bonnets deal was struck with the Republic of Gilead, as well as a bras for dragon eggs deal with Westeros and a doughnuts for enriched plutonium deal with Springfield.

A new post-Brexit military alliance between the UK, Guernsey, Craggy Island and Weston-super-Mare is expected to be finalised next week.

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