Woman considers… writing a novel

‘If JK Rowling can do it…’ thinks 85% of the population, 65% of the time, all the time

A woman has seriously considered penning a bestselling novel.

Rebecca Green from Hartlepool toyed with the idea forty six times over the last ten years.

“I’m really creative and I was good at English at school,” explained Green. “I googled creative writing courses near me but didn’t do anything about it, but then I thought about it again and googled it again but the times weren’t really convenient so I didn’t do anything about it then either.”

After sitting in front of a blank white computer screen for twenty minutes Green decided she would have a cup of tea instead.

“I’m over that now, I don’t know what I was thinking” she said, and went back to ogling multimillion pound houses on rightmove.com.

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