Cornwall in the rain worse than dying

Apocalyptic scenes on the A30 as bad weather transforms the south western peninsula into a joyless hell hole.

Thousands of holidaymakers clogged up the A30 on Sunday in a bid to escape Cornwall which relentless rain had transformed into a living nightmare.

The week had started well with sunshine enabling holidaymakers to hit the beach or walk the coastline, but everything went tits up when the rain set in.

Karen Schooner from Birmingham, who had walked 70 miles in flip flops dragging a Vango 600 tent behind her and carrying an infant on each shoulder, said she was desperate to get out.

“You’ve no idea,” she whispered with cracked lips and haunted eyes. “There’s nothing to do when it rains, it’s a black hole down there unless you like mining museums or steam railways”.

Schooner shuddered as she showed The Trashy her hands, raw with blisters from repeatedly retrieving Scrabble tiles from a bag.

“I don’t even like board games,” she added with a twitch.

Schooner last saw her teenage son in the arcades and her husband at Gnome World. “They’re still there,” she said sadly, “and they’ll have to fend for themselves now… it seems barbaric but I had to save myself and the little ones first”.

She gestured at the sorry hordes making their way up the road between the abandoned cars, some wearing Hard Rock Cafe caps, others with aquarium and zoo T-shirts.

One woman lay curled in a foetal position in the lay by. “That’s my sister Claire,” explained Schooner, “she lost her soul at a glass blowing demonstration”.




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