Five tips for nailing that interview without begging


  1. Be cheerful. No one wants a miserable fucker for a colleague so smile aggressively. If you get cramp in your face you’re doing it right.
  2. Nod. A lot.
  3. Don’t be unreasonable. Agree to a salary at least 75% less than your male peers.
  4. Mirroring. Imitate the interviewer’s every move to endear yourself. If they cross their legs, you cross yours. If they lean in, you lean in. If they scratch their nose, scratch yours. If they roll their eyes at their colleague, so do you.
  5. Do say: It’s been a childhood dream to work for Arkwright’s Slaughterhouse.
  6. Don’t say: I see myself as far superior to this role and this company but find myself temporarily out of options. I will, for a short time, conceal my true self and defer to your authority but none of the respect I show you will be real.

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