Woman nails ‘natural look’ after 27 hours and £348


Katy Booth from Tynemouth is overjoyed with her new ‘barefaced beauty’ look, but will have to forego food for a fortnight. 

Booth (22) from Tynemouth worked tirelessly throughout the night to perfect her natural look. Using just 43 products, seven brushes and nine sponges, Katy emerged from her bedroom looking like she wasn’t wearing very much make-up at all.

“I feel so fresh-faced and pretty”, she trilled, twirling with delight. Booth said she would not be able to afford her rent that month nor would she be eating for a couple of weeks, but did not mind.

Booth’s best friend said she thought Katy looked “OK”.

Booth’s next project will be to create a “mussed-up, bed-head hairstyle”. This should be a cinch, she said, because “there’s a whole aisle of products dedicated to making it look like you’ve forgotten to brush your hair”.

UPDATE: The Trashy caught up with Booth six months later under a Newcastle railway bridge and was impressed with the result. Booth, huddled in a sleeping bag and sporting a dog on a rope, appeared to have also nailed the unwashed look.

The Trashy regrets it was not able spare any change.